13 of YouTube’s Best Daft Punk “Get Lucky” Covers

In classic YouTube form, when a hype track hits the airwaves and it’s so sticky you can’t get it out of your head – well you’re not alone. Meet the talented people of the web who took Daft Punk’s hit “Get Lucky” and turned it into their own with these covers. There’s a lot of usual suspects – but I narrowed it down via archetype.

Welcome to the  American Idol of real life, with all levels of musicians covering and in some cases reinventing the original track.  The goal? Viral hits, fame, fortune and get featured on NatandMarie.com, of course!

So here is a comprehensive collection of the best Daft Punk “Get Lucky” covers (thus far) on YouTube!

The Australians

Thumbs up for Australian band, San Cisco that reimagines “Get Lucky” with some chill percussion. Loving the bongos Skip to 1:18 if you want the music.

The Cool Uncle 

This acoustic guitar version by Igor Presnyakov is boss. It’s kind of cute when he gets so into it that he can’t help but sing.

The Retro 8-bit of Awesome

His name is Joe Jeremiah, and if you’re not giggling to yourself, you’re probably not into vintage Canadian sitcoms that rhyme with Febrassi. Sadly, this is JOE Jeremiah and he’s recreated Daft Punk’s album “Random Access Memories” into an 8-bit medley. NINTENDOOOOOOO!

The Lad from Leeds

I love the Brett Domino Trio, because they are lovely. Their lo-fi, 80’s cheese pop covers are what happens when Radio Shack keyboards meets talent. But, my favorite is probably Cypress Hill’s “Insane in the Membrane” is also pretty classic.

The Group that Weren’t Afraid to Make it Their Own

Hank & Cupcakes, I don’t understand what you are but you win marks for not trying to be anything else but yourself. So points for your unashamed electropop cover… you only just mildly frightened me. So.. if you want to meet up for coffee, sure, but only in a public place, facing the front door.

The Icelandic Acoustic Folk Version

This delightful cover is thanks to Ylja. From Iceland. Quite enjoyable, I must say. Quite.

The Banjo Daddy

This Banjo Daddy has a name. It’s Charles Butler and he knows how to throw in a little Bluegrass to keep the song interesting. Bluegrass and French electro house… who knew?

The Sweet Voiced Best Friend

Gavin James is the sweet and sensitive songster from Dublin, Ireland. This goes well with a pint of Guinness and maybe a sing-a-long. Yes, the video is annoying only because of the stupid blur effect.

The Ones Probably Packin’ a J

CSS… It’s like a scene from a sit in Haight-Ashbury… I didn’t find the cover all that great, but I loved it because it looked like these guys were hiiiiiiiiiiiiigh and loving life. Join a drum circle. Sing. Cover Daft Punk. Love Life.

The Brass Band

All I know is that these guys are named “Ol’ Dirty Brasstards” and that they played in London, beyond that, this cover give us all our daily recommended intake of BRASS!

The One Who Ran Away To Join a Band

Tamta & Freaky Fortune. She’s a popular Greek pop star and she does it well. It reminds me of early 90’s pop songs. She’s also adorable.


JB Craipeau samples of “Around the World” “What Is Love” “Rolling In The Deep” “Play Hard” & “Payphone”. Makes a jamming, one man band cover that makes me want to watch “Pitch Perfect” all over again. Frig, I loved Fat Amy.

The Studio Leak

Just joking! This is probably the dumbest of all the videos, it took me a second to get the joke, but when I did I watched it at least 2 times 😉

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