Brazilian Protests Come Alive Online

It was a normal day. A tweet came through from one of @NatandMarie friends in Brazil.

The video, in English, was making the rounds online and sharing some uncomfortable facts about Brazilian day-to-day life. A simple fair hike of a few cents on the public transit was enraging a nation and with protests (at the time) lurking in the wings, this video represented an international appeal for support.

But, it wasn’t just about the fare hike, it was about political corruption, a growing middle class, crumbling public infrastructure and a population that was fed up with paying high taxes and not seeing any of the benefits.

Sometimes, this is how it all begins.

Obviously, the web has given a voice to those who need to be heard. Citizen journalism has provided an outlet that can support or replace traditional media all together. And as we watch the lens of the people document the protests in Turkey, we too turn an eye now on Brazil.

So where will it go now?

It depends on the people. We ask that they keep their phones running, document and share. I’m blogging about this in respect for Carol and the thousands that took the streets in Salvador, Curitiba, Belém and Brasília, the capital, where marchers made their way to the roof of Congress. Not to mention the estimated 50,000 took to the streets in São Paulo and 100,000 who marched in Rio de Janeire.

We will be watching #ChangeBrazil and the #BrazilProtest feeds on Twitter as well as keeping an eye on Vine. If you have more updates, please post them in the comments below.
This is what 100,000 protestors look like…

If you want more information, check out this fantastic article posted on the New York Times


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