Can’t look Away! Miss Utah’s Flub

You can tell in her eyes she messed up.

For once, I would love a pageant contestant to be real.

I never had problems in the interview. I feel like if that was me, this is what I would say:

“Straight up, the wage gap is an inexcusable stain on the the nation’s image. To change it, we need to educate and reform outdated patriarchal traditions that continue to marginalize women. For those who think I’m hypocritical for competing in a pageant, perhaps that nurture more than nature, but it’s a goal and goals are important. Without them, we can’t inspire and start conversations that include improving the lives of the children who live below the poverty line because their mother’s are suffering through an inexcusable wage gap. It hurts not only women and our progress as equal and deserving beings – but the progress of our community. Thank you”

Then I would turn, look at all the other contestants and do a little suck it gesture before flipping my hair and stand triumphantly in line to accept  my non-win. I didn’t really win a lot of pageants… probably because of my interview answers.

And if you wanted more pageant trainwrecks. Here’s the vintage clip of Miss Teen South Carolina

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