learn to code while instructors strip.

If you ever wanted to learn to code while female instructors strip and read awkward inuendo off a teleprompter then is the site for you.

According to the website it “leverages sexual desire and turns it into the most powerful learning mechanism known to mankind.”. In short, you pass a course and your instructor takes off her clothes and codifies the structural idea that men learn and women are sexy… or that the caters to a prison population of men.

Inevitably a response site called popped up, supporting that women can learn and men are sexy… err actually they just add more peen to the education pool which mostly helps to raise how unfortunate The makers of also mentioned that is rolling out soon – not sure how objectifying everyone is going to improve the situation.

It’s unclear whether the site is satire, innovative educational tool or troll. Although, the rage marketing that the site has relied on to get the word out has allegedly generated over 9TB in streamed content.

Whether you think the site is offensive haha or just plain ol’ offensive it’s mostly because due to the following:

The obvious:
Assumes men code, women are sexy. uses women’s bodies as a transactional motivation – if men work hard, learn their lessons then the woman’s body is commodified as a reward because she is required to remove her clothing and indulge in his sexual desire.

The lie: says that the Internet is for looking at babes – false! It’s for looking up cats.

The painful truth:
Yes, the site assumes that the dudes who want to learn how to code are sexually deprived nerds, it also neglects to understand that sexual harassment is a real issue for women in tech. No, I don’t think the site intended to be sexist but they really didn’t take any great pains to avoid it.

If you didn’t know how difficult it is for women in tech, here’s everything you need to know:
In  1985, women received 37 percent of the computer science degrees in the USA; 42% of the country’s developers were women. Today, only 18 percent of computer science degrees are earned by women and women account for only 19 percent of the country’s developers. If the national average for wage earnings of women is 77 cents per ever man’s dollar, in tech, female workers earn only 49 cents. In Silicon Vallen in the 50s (before women’s lib was a thing) women were earning more! 

So, will I learn code from

If (Nude_Women <= Personal_Acceptability_Threshold) Watch = No

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