Daily 411 – Egypt’s Social Media Revolution

Photo By Hossam el-Hamalawy Courtesy Creative Commons

The 411 is your daily dose of news relating to online culture! Similar to the dawn of the Egyptian Arab Spring in 2011, the people of Egypt are taking to Twitter and other forms of social media to push for the resignation of President Mohamed Morsi. Amid all the voices it becomes difficult to suss out accurate accounts of what is really happening in the troubled region. Here are some links to web-related happenings you NEED to know about:

There are multiple stories coming out of Egypt. Different forms of social media paint a picture of what is happening on the ground, including tweets, images, even Instagram Video                     [The Telegraph]

The Egyptian Presidency took to Facebook and Twitter Wednesday to make this declaration.

Those on the ground seem to disagree, judging by the photos of a packed Tahrir Square and tweets coming out of Egypt, this is a people’s coup.

The only certainty is that Egypt is a very divided country, while Morsi has been issued an ultimatum by the military; the people are divided between loyalists and those calling for the resignation of their President. [NewStatesman]

The military has since told Morsi he is no longer President and named an interim leader. [HeraldSun]

If you were on Twitter today you may have noticed that aside from Egypt, Hail Satan was also trending. In this video Anti-Abortionists clash with Pro-Choice protesters outside of Texas State Capitol. [TheBlaze]

In China, an IT fail led to porn being broadcasted for ten minutes on a town’s public projection screen. [DailyDot]

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