Daily 411 – Happy 25th Birthday Interwebz!

The 411 is your daily dose of news relating to online culture! Wow, do WE feel old. The good ol’ WWW is 25 years old today. A quarter century (for the record, we’re both ‘over the hill’ compared to the Internet). And it’s utterly fascinating to see how far things have come since the creation of one of the most groundbreaking innovations in the last 30 years. Without getting too preachy, the Internet has literally changed the world. It has enabled us to connect with each other with the mere click of a button. It has transformed several industries, from journalism, advertising, healthcare and education. It has enabled the everyday man to incite national democratic movements that ripple throughout the globe. And it also has created power struggles between those who want to keep this awe-inspiring platform open and free, while others want to restrict and use it to monitor. But enough from me, let’s hear what the inventor of the World Wide Web, Sir Tim Berners-Lee, has to say on the anniversary of his brilliant gift to the world.
Here are some links to web-related happenings you NEED to know about:

On the 25th anniversary of the web, let’s keep it free and open [Google’s blog]

NASA’s looking for coders to become Astroid Hunters [BBC]

Obama’s ‘Between Two Ferns’ interview now #1 referral to Healthcare.gov [Slashgear]


Cover photo credit: Omer Wazir (flickr)

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