Daily 411 – ISS turns 15 and ‘Selfie’ is Oxford’s Word of the Year

The 411 is your daily dose of news relating to online culture! I can’t begin to elaborate on how happy all this space and exploration content on the Interwebz has made me. And the International Space Station (ISS) is about to create more! Content that is. Since the launch of Zarya, the first module of the ISS, on November 20, 1998, five space agencies from around the world have worked together to build the orbiting science lab we have come to love through the adventures of Commander Chris Hadfield. Tomorrow the ISS celebrates 15 years and is embarking on a, wait for it, epic, 24-hour virtual wave. Basically the five agencies will launch a world-wide wave on Twitter (starting midnight GMT) and will tweet at the top of every hour. You can join the conversation by using #ISS15 and “keep the wave rolling” by sharing your thoughts on what the ISS means to you. In 140 characters or less, of course.

Here are some links to web-related happenings you NEED to know about:

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