Daily 411 – Are You an Online Gamer or a Bitcoin Mining Slave?

The Daily411 is your daily dose of news relating to online culture! The world online is evolving in more ways than just words. While yesterday it was Oxford Dictionary declaring ‘selfie’ as the word of year, today we’re discussing the “prepositional-because”. But, let’s not get too charmed by linguistics because it turns out people are still exploiting the web and praying on innocent people. Hot off the heels of eSports’ announcement of the Major League Gaming network is another announcement — that they are being fined $1M for some unsportsmanlike behaviour. So how did they turn 14,000 unaware users into Bitcoin mining slaves?  And is LG having a hard time understanding how privacy settings work?

Find out more by checking out these need-to-know stories relating to our lives online:

English has a New Preposition Because The Internet [The Atlantic]

How did eSports turn thousands of their paid subscribers into Bitcoin mining slaves? [Forbes]

LG Smart TVs reportedly log user viewing habits regardless of privacy settings [The Verge]

That’s it for the Daily411! Until tomorrow!

The moment I realized I had forced all my friends to watch AfroSquad, I knew that talking about Internet culture was where I was meant to be. Between reddit, Nat&Marie and eating junk food, there's just enough time for my personal blog Karmacake.com. That is all. That is it. Oh. Instagram: Karmacake

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