Daily 411 – The Antisocial Network

The 411 is your daily dose of news relating to online culture! George Michael’s antisocial network may just be a real thing! Here are some links to web-related happenings you NEED to know about:

A great war reporter known for what Rolling Stone calls “the profile that changed history,” has died in a car crash. [Vanity Fair]

If you’ve been watching the newest season of Arrested Development you will get a kick out of this new app which seems a lot like George-Michael’s FakeBlock. [DailyDot]

A new study explores the relation between social media and narcissism. [esciencenews]

That’s it for the Daily411! You can check out the last 411 here!

I live to write, create, and tell stories. I'm a freelance journalist with a strong curiosity about the way online culture translates into our everyday lives. I drink too much coffee, shop a little too much and invest way too much emotion into fictional characters. What can I say? I live in extremes.

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