Daily 411 – Bitcoins, NASA, Monkeys and Snoop Lion

The 411 is your daily dose of news relating to online culture! Bitcoins, NASA, Monkeys and Snoop Lion, oh my! Here are some links to web-related happenings you NEED to know about:

The Bitcoin Foundation, registered out of Washington as a not-for-profit, has received a cease and desist notice from the state of California. [Forbes]

Gaze at the clouds, help out NASA, AND use a cool new app, that is what we call winning. [Motherboard]

It caused a huge stir online when an adorable monkey in a shearling coat was spotted at an Ikea. Now, the monkey’s owner awaits a verdict.   [CityNewsToronto]

Old song, brand new video. Check out Robyn’s music video featuring the artist formerly known as Snoop Dogg.  [Jezebel]

That’s it for the Daily411! You can check out the last 411 here!



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