Who else is checking out the skype chat with John McAfee?

There was a glimmer of hope that the bad boy of Silicon Valley, who is most famous for going Hunter S. Thompson after being designated a “person of interest” by Belize authorities after the mysterious death of his neighbour, was going to be appearing at this year’s Digital Media Summit.

The one day event is housed under the Canadian Music Week banner and is billed as  “a social media an interactive marketing conferencing bringing together the biggest brands to examine the business with the growth and innovation of social and digital content.”

Normally, I shy away from these events, but the opportunity to hold audience with John McAfee was a huge selling point. So I requested a press pass, hoped for the best then when all was approved, I realized it was a Skype conversation with him.

Disappointment aside, the event will have a bevy of digitally savvy corporate types speaking sharing insight on the changing landscape of the digital universe. A lot of usual subjects will be in attendance and not exclusive to  our good friend Erik Martin from reddit who will be hosting a Fireside Chat at 11:20am and Gary V… who is far from a rarity at these sort of events.  No T no shade, people really love having him speak at these sorts of events… by “these sorts of” I mean “every”.

I might be the most excited for the 3:20pm chat called Going Social Live: Real Time Marketing and Engagement Through Social Media – since I worked at CBC for the Olympics in social, it’s the one session that I’m devoutly interested in and may even hear about projects that I worked on come out of the mouths of senior people at CBC and Sport Chek.

On the road – and run – Skype call with John McAfee happens directly after Erik’s chat. Fully expecting McAfee to speak about his new privacy protect apps and devices – he launched Chadder today so we’ll no doubt get the sales pitch. Not sure if the world really wants another instant messaging app… but since it’s completely secure, I’m more curious in who will be using it. Obama may not be on Snapchat but this might be the place where heads of state and drug dealers reside…

Obviously, since McAfee’s location was outed by VICE during his life on the lamb and led to his arrest, I’m wondering if McAfee’s paranoia is really the effect of his own personal experiences and concerns with NSA spying.

He’s a genius, no-doubt, but he’s also the closest thing to a mad genius I’ll ever get close to. Even if it is over skype… with some other dude hosting the chat.

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