I Wasted Hours. Pica-Pic Revives LCD Handheld Gaming

Remember those little hand held gaming devices from the 80’s? I wasn’t allowed a Nintendo, but I did crush it on this tiny handheld LCD pinball game I was allowed. As much as I disliked not having a console, this game was like my childhood version of “any port in a storm”. So I played the bejeezus out of it.

Thanks to Hipopotam Studio, there’s pica-pic.com. A really awesome designed website featuring over 20, playable, retro handheld gaming devices. I love that there’s keyboard controls and that you can see how scuffed up each game is. Makes it feel all the more authentic.

To some these devices were probably the pinnacle of portable video gaming technology. Everyone except for me, I wanted Nintennnnndooooooooo!

Now, a few of these handheld gems are rendered in Flash with the ability to customize the keyboard shortcuts, there’s a horizontal bottom bar that makes navigation easy and those cute low-fi chirps that make up the audio. It’s really nicely designed, it’s got a lot of games to choose from and it’s a killer procrastination aid. I’ve killed several hours on Terminator already.

Even if you didn’t grow up with them, it’s fun to see where portable gaming evolved from.

If you want more retro gaming online, check out The Museum of Soviet Arcade Machines. In person it’s the largest collection of mid-70’s arcade gaming, online they are flash based hunting, naval and sports games. A little taste of soviet era gaming makes me think this is what arcade gaming in North Korea would look like.

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