If you like the Geography of Hate you’ll love…

What do you get when you combine Google Maps API with racist, homophobic, or derogatory tweets? The Hate Map!

The Geography of Hate is a part of a larger project by Dr. Monica Stephens of Humboldt State University. By displaying the tweets into a “hate map” Stephens and her students are able to identify the geographic origins of online hate speech in the United States. You might be surprised when the racism comes from!

twistoriThe process isn’t automated and it’s not in real time. The map is unfortunately static. The whole thing was put together by HSU students who had to hand sort every tweet between June 2012 and April 2013, and determine whether it actually had a negative sentiment.

If you’re into the idea of tweet originating sentiments displayed on your computer screen, then check out twistori. It’s a really cool first person visualization of Twitter that came out back in 2008. It still is pretty cool and it makes a wicked screen saver for mac – if you’re interested.

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