Instagram: Doing to Videos what it did to Photos

For anyone who follows me on Instagram you know I’m a HUGE fan of the app. In the way that people have become obsessed with technology brands (I’m looking at you die-hard Apple fans) I’d consider myself almost an uber-fan of Instagram.

Today shortly after 1:00 p.m. ET Instagram’s co-founder Kevin Systrom presented at a livestreaming press conference about Instagram’s latest evolution, “Video on Instagram” (ya that’s what it’s called…meh on the name).

But he quickly ran through the app, demo’d some of the functions and ended with a video that actually made me feel butterflies in my stomach. Mostly because outside of our YouTube generation likely finding a natural transition into using video on Instagram to create beautiful 15 second short stories around special/hilarious moments in their lives (as well as the fact that Vine has existed since January this year so people have had plenty of time to practice), I immediately was struck by how COOL it would be to utilize Video on Instagram for contests and campaigns where customers and fans can create their own personal 15-second videos around brands. Honestly…I would ACTUALLY engage with brands in this way. 100 per cent. Or imagine using it for citizen journalism? Breaking news. TV series and films for complimentary content. Heck, even a clothing company could use it to showcase their clothing from close up to wide shot, from front to back within 15 seconds. So, so, so many functions.

But maybe it’s cause I’m an Instragram nerd.

Anyway, here’s what you need to know.

  • The app is available for download immediately. Like NOW. So get to it!
  • It’s available for Apple iOS and Android
  • It takes 15 second videos by simply holding down the red Record button. You can add multiple clips to one video
  • You can instantly delete clips from videos while you’re editing
  • There are 13, yes THIRTEEN, brand new filters to choose from to give your video a nice artistic touch.
  • Then you just pick a cover photo, add people, hashtags etc. as usual and upload to your social streams

It was funny watching the livestream because the last highlight about Instagram on Video was the part that Systrom seemed to be the most excited about. The piece de resistance with the video function was that Instagram “teamed up with video scientists from around the world” to essentially create cinematic stabilization for your videos. He called it Cinema. It literally made your video look like it was shot on steady cam or a dolly…but on your smartphone. Say what???

Instragram was acquired by Facebook last year in a US$1 billion deal and apparently has 100 million monthly active users, over half of which are from outside of the United States.

Systrom wrapped the press conference with a beautiful video created by Instagram users.

Smartphones with video cameras + The Internet +Social Networks + some inspiration from you = a beautiful thing 🙂


SIDE NOTE: All the traffic may be affecting the functionality of the Vimeo video embed. No worries, you can still watch it here though!

I'm a journalist, producer and host who thought I would get into "traditional" broadcasting until the lusty call of the Internet drew me in. I've been fortunate enough to have launched 10 web series about a wide range of niches, like: Greek culture, Wines, India and Battlestar Galactica (BSGcast FTW!). But these days I love being one-half of Nat&Marie, exploring Internet Culture and dissecting how the web affects IRL and vice versa. Instagram's my vice and Technoviking is my home boy!


  1. reado

    June 20, 2013 at 2:37 pm

    Wow this is really cool!

    I wonder if there’s going to be audio filters…


  3. atubanos

    June 20, 2013 at 2:47 pm

    reado Great question. No idea, but they definitely should consider it for the next update! Or the ability to add a second layer of audio, like a music byte?

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