Jammin’ with the IWCC

Let’s raise a glass for Canadian Indie Webseries Producers!

Tuesday night, after the Victoria Day Long Weekend, and we’re all a little tired, a little sunstroke and a few of us were a little hung over. Regardless, we had to head to Monarch Tavern for the launch of the Independent Web Series Creators of Canada (IWCC), a non-profit association that represents independent webseries and their creators across Canada. We had to go because this was really important and something that’s close to both Nat and my’s hearts.

As for the formation of the IWCC – It’s about time. That’s all I have to say.

To be a webseries producer in Canada, it’s a hard road to take. In many cases, it’s the only option. While our hallowed national broadcasters are attempting to explain the expense they must succumb to in order to produce a single show, it makes it far too risky for them to take a chance on an untested and cutting edge project from an untested and independent producer.

“… we probably won’t get a slot on CTV…We’re not a gritty crime drama…And, neither is many independently produced projects across the country.”
Broadcasters have ad dollars that need to be supported. You think it’s the other way around, but I’m learning that it’s not. Ad time is sold based upon eyes on screens, eyes are guaranteed when a broadcaster reruns those old episodes of Friends (fuck, I hated that show) and not when they are airing something untested.

Think about Nat&Marie? We’re not a gritty crime drama featuring a hardened – yet, acutely sexy – cop with a darkened past and a city to single handed clean up.

We’re really not. Which means we probably won’t get a slot on CTV anytime soon. And, neither is many independently produced projects across the country.

Tack on salaries, fees, rentals and other overhead, it’s pretty much impossible for an independent producer to get on the airwaves. There is, however, success in numbers and that’s just what the IWCC is looking to do. And, that is why Nat & Marie made an appearance at the event. Sure, most no one there knows us, and that’s okay. We were there to be present and show that organizations like this matter to the eco-system of web television.

For all of us who grind it out, building those close relationships with fans, spending late nights editing text, working another week with no pay just for the hope of winning an industry award, I (and by proxy, Nat) salute you.  Now there’s an organization that will help raise awareness, will advocate for more funding from government (let’s get some for non-fiction, thank you!), sharing knowledge and working as a team to help more of the cream to rise to the top!

If you want more information or get a membership visit the IWCC website & tell ’em I say, “Hi!”

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