Man Wakes up and realizes his Wife is a Babe…but is it real?

There’s a new video that’s been making the rounds at viral speeds and it’s really quite sweet.

A man named Jason Mortenson wakes up from surgery and realizes the woman filming him is the most beautiful woman he’s ever seen.

What he doesn’t realize is she’s his wife.

The story is precious and has certainly made the rounds on Gawker, Buzzfeed etc., but sadly since the reveal that Epic Twerk Fail viral video was actually concocted and planted by Jimmy Kimmel, people are starting to question whether THIS video is genuine as well.

One Redditor dug up Jason Mortenson’s actor profile. And that has gotten people questioning whether this is another planted prank by Kimmel or one of his late-night compadres.

At the end of the day, this really just begs the question: is a viral video any less enjoyable or viral-worthy if it’s accidental rather than architected? Does the authenticity of it REALLY matter?

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