Nat and Marie to host reddit’s EPIC 1st Black Friday Livestream

A week today Marie and I will be taking part in a cultural phenomenon we have only ever observed from afar from the safety of our homes, in Toronto.

On Friday November 29 “Nat&Marie” will be in New York City to embrace…Black Friday! *dun dun dun*

Now, it may seem like I’m being overly dramatic here, but there is a lot of bizarro mythos and tragedy that seems to surround this most festive of American holidays. And if South Park can serve as a point of reference, even in its parody, Brack Friday Bunduru’s ain’t nuthin to f*ck with.

Reddit recognized this bittersweet trend and decided to take it to the next level by broadcasting its very first Black Friday livestream, dubbed “redditgifts shopping network”! Aaaaand, Nat&Marie will be hosting it!! We’re the “Canadian contingent” of the cast, which is being balanced out by some of NYC’s finest comedians.

The EPIC eight hour livestream starts at 12:00 p.m. EST and has been described as “part home-shopping-network, part old-school-holiday-variety-show, part fundraiser telethon and part Muppets Take Manhattan.” The products we will be selling come from the carefully-curated small merchants in the redditgifts marketplace.

No matter where in the world you are (even you, Carmen Sandiego) you can tune into the stream LIVE on or reddit’s youtube channel.

And here to give you the rest of the scoop (via a Q&A) is Erik Martin (/u/hueypriest), GM of reddit! (You can check out past LIVE interview with him on Nat&Marie here).

1) So we know the what, where, when of the event, but the big question on our minds is the why. Why have you decided to launch this Black Friday livestreaming marathon and why now?

EM: We were out drinking after work in NYC, and we were talking about the magic that is /r/WhereDidTheSodaGo, and also talking about doing something big and fun for the redditgifts marketplace and a new unescapable idea was spawned. A couple days later I read about how retail employees are making more and more people work on Thanksgiving evening for the start of Black Friday sales, and that kinda sealed the idea in my mind.

2) Considering you’re lining up AMAs, PSA and performances from actors, musicians and “former heads of state”, the next largest question on our minds is who is in your lineup so far?

EM: All I can say right now is that many famous redditors will be participating, including at least 8.9 per cent Canadians. (UPDATE: You can check out reddit’s blog for who is expected to be there, including folks from CollegeHumor, Pee-wee Herman, /u/GovSchwarzenegger and Stephen Colbert.)

3) We hear Nat&Marie are hosting the livestream *wink, nudge, nudge* Why did you decide to partner with them and what do you hope they bring to the table?

EM: Nat & Marie are the perfect hosts for this extravaganza. They have the rare gift of being able to be genuinely excited about something without being annoying. They’ve somehow managed to live and breath the internet without becoming cynical and tainted. They are smart without making you feel dumb. Oh, they are Canadian and redditland employment law mandates at least 8.9 per cent Canadian representation.

4) What are some of the vendors/products online shoppers can anticipate getting their hands on during the lifestream?

EM: Shirts, original artwork, things for your pets, inspired by fine leather goods, tobacco vaporizers, shaving products, video game themed jewelry, reddit gold, gifts inspired by Omar from The Wire, and Moutain Dew Flavored Fudge

5) How will viewers be able to participate with the shopathon?

EM: You can head over to to watch the livestream, you can also head over to play along at home by buying every product we mention — it’s more fun that way.

6) Is the Redditgifts Shopping Network only for US redditors? Or can Canadians take part in this as well?

EM: Not only will we not be blocking our youtube channel for Canadians, but if we find out that any other countries are holding Black Friday livestreams and block Canada, we will retaliate on Canada’s behalf and block them from our youtube channel AND cheer against their World Cup team. Don’t tempt us!

7) On that note, how big of a market is Canada within the reddit universe? Why do you consider Canada an important audience?

EM: Canada is extremely important and almost 10 per cent of reddit’s audience. On average, Canadians spend 13 seconds per session longer on reddit than Americans do. Only the Irish and the Icelanders spend longer on reddit.

8) What would success look like to you?


9) Final question – what part of the Reddit livestream are YOU most excited about? 🙂

EM: 4:20pm ET


(Photo Credit: Nat’s camera. L to R: Alien Nat, Erik and Alien Marie.)


I'm a journalist, producer and host who thought I would get into "traditional" broadcasting until the lusty call of the Internet drew me in. I've been fortunate enough to have launched 10 web series about a wide range of niches, like: Greek culture, Wines, India and Battlestar Galactica (BSGcast FTW!). But these days I love being one-half of Nat&Marie, exploring Internet Culture and dissecting how the web affects IRL and vice versa. Instagram's my vice and Technoviking is my home boy!


  1. reado

    November 22, 2013 at 1:45 pm

    Oh man, Can’t wait!

  2. atubanos

    November 22, 2013 at 2:17 pm

    reado Neither can we!!! (obvi:)

  3. karmacakedotca

    November 22, 2013 at 3:17 pm

    Extra point, Nat, for including Brack Friday Bunduru!

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