Nat&Marie RETURNS July 24 with Bill & Sons Towing & @AmIRightFolks!

We’re coming back! We’re going live on Wedenesday, July 24 at 9pm our team are back together for a special live show with  Eric & Jon of our favorite webseries Bill & Sons Towing AND feminist activitist (and community manager) Steph Guthrie.

But what about "Hoes"? The boys at Lee Valley want to know.

But what about “Hoes”? The boys at Lee Valley want to know.

Bill & Sons Towing was just green lit for funding for Season 2, which means, we’re going to be welcoming the loveable motley crue of blue collar brothers back to our computer screens sooner rather than later.

The Imponderables are the stars of this show put together by the creative team Mark De Angelis and Charles Ketchabaw… no tea no shade… Mark’s joining us on Wednesday as well and I think they might be pretty impressed with our comedic stylings. Yep. I’m practicing my patented Marie Nicola “Deer in the Headlights” look. *blink* *blink*

Anyway… the entire team are hilarious sketch comedy heavy weights who were nominated for Geminis, performed at Just for Laughs, signed deals with MTV and were also name one of the “10 Comics to Watch” by Variety Magazine. We’re going to catch up with them, maybe play a little Dream Phone if Steph brings it and drink beer… or Sangria.

You better have brought enough of whatever's in that cup to share!!

You better have brought enough of whatever’s in that cup to share!!

Now, Steph on the other hand, she’s one of the most charismatic feminists that ever defended women’s rights online. We met her virtually on Twitter when we noticed a few inconsistencies in her article covering the d0xing of the now infamous Violentacrez. She still wanted to be friends with us… after many failed attempts to meet up and drink Sangria, she’s FINALLY coming to the show – and we’re hoping she’ll bring Dream Phone with her!

Steph’s best known as a feminist advocate and community manager focusing on the intersections of gender, culture and technology. She is the founder of Women in Toronto Politics and a faculty member at Academy of the Impossible. Follow her on Twitter at @amirightfolks

That’s it. Obviously, we’ll catch you up with all the news you need to be in now, the HotList, viral videos, trending topics and of course DJ Romeo and @TaCaGo will be holding it down during the pre-show. We’re so excited to be back and we hope you’ll be joining us, drink in hand …

AND CALL IN! We’re like your Moms, we haven’t spoken to you in a while, so give us a ring!

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My (Marie) personal fav is the Calendar Girl episode:

But, you can also watch the complete first season of Bill & Sons Towing here:

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