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Netflix’s ambition to be a source for quality original content seemed like it hit a snag when the entire fourth season of Arrested Development landed in the streaming service May 26th.

After months of hype the pent up anticipation drove many (re)viewers to binge watch as much of the season as they could only to cough up the reviewer’s equivalent of “FIRST!”. You can’t review a book after the first chapter so why are some critics commenting after only 8 episodes?

What they had to say wasn’t kind. Truthfully, only 10% of total viewers tuning in to watch Arrested Development season four binge watched the entire season. The remainder are taking it slow, and enjoying the experience – like, me. I’m just taking the show as it comes.

Regardless Nat & I came to the conclusion that the release of Arrested Development should not be measured against traditional tv metrics. We’ve talked about this a lot. We’ve spent 3 days talking about Season 4 of Arrested Development and we have some opinions.

Here’s our closing thoughts:

Arrested Development Review


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