#PowerofOne the Microsoft’s Xbox One TIFF Party

I went to check out Microsoft Xbox One. I’m not completely well versed when it comes to the technical aspects of consoles, but when I started gaming it was on a PC. In all, when I went to the #PowerOfOne Xbox One event during Toronto International Film Festival, I was comparing look and feel to that of PC as well as each generation of Xbox… that currently reside in my home.

I’m a closet gamer.

As always, I was busy socializing and when I was able to take a break, the line ups made it near impossible to get on one of the gaming stations that were set up around Bloke & 4th, here in Toronto. I watched as other people played and noticed some basics, the aliasing on hockey players in NHL14 as well as a slight boost in speed. However as my new friend, Ben, reminded me, the first lot of games released for any new console are never using the full capabilities of the console.

#garethwheeler & #glennmiller of #thescore television fame burning up #nhl14. you can check out Gareth for my sets Friday all the time at #thepeacok. great dudes. #powerofone #xboxone #unveiling SOURCE: James_Drummond on Instagram

@garethwheeler & @glennmiller of @thescore playing #nhl14
SOURCE: James_Drummond on Instagram

For a while Sony was in command following E3 mostly due to gamer’s backlash against the announcement of Microsoft’s strict digital rights management (DRM) policy that prevented game sales and required Xbox One consoles to connect to the Internet once every 24 hours. Thankfully, Microsoft reverted its inherently problematic policy allowing gamers to own and resell their games, as well allowing offline gaming and the ability to share Xbox One games with other consoles.

Thank God!

Getting back to the event, from what I saw in other people’s games was that what is under the hood of the Xbox One is delivering a much more seamless gameplay. In short, 18 CU’s, each running 6% faster is delivering 50% more performance. More memory bandwidth, 10% more CPU, a better audio chip and in regards to general-purpose computing on graphics processing units (GPGPU) it has 3X the coherent bandwidth in comparison to PS4 – making Xbox One way more efficient.

I left #PowerofOne more curious then before about the unit. It didn’t really show everything that makes Xbox One so special.

Source: ShotbyPhil on Instagram

Source: ShotbyPhil on Instagram

Xbox One is a fully integrated home media centre, making it ready out of box to be the centrepiece of anyone’s living room. However, the #PowerofOne event was too loud and wasn’t the ideal spot to demonstrate features like the voice/motion controlled Instant Switching (a feature that allows users to easily switch between games, movies and TV), or the voice controlled TV guide that’s simply called Guide. I would like to have checked out the improved Kinect that doesn’t require me to clear all furniture out of my living room and  I’m also curious about Snap Mode, which splits your TV screen providing game stats while watching sports – mostly a novelty feature IMHO.

What Microsoft has created is a robust feature rich device that futuristically delivers entertainment, apparently at a level unseen before. It is revolutionary and I would be lying if I said I didn’t want one.

The units are released this November for $499 – I wish I could tell you if it’s as glorious as it sounds but until I get on a device your guess is as good as mine!

Dan Levy and Me (his +1) at #PowerofOne

Dan Levy and Me (his +1) at #PowerofOne

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