Professor Saylor wants your help to be Geek & Sundry’s Next Vlogger!

Steve Saylor

Steve Saylor is a professional geek but now he wants to be Professor RPG…

We’ve known Steve Saylor for a while. He was one of the first people to interview “Nat&Marie” back in the day when we were gunning for a travel show with Flight Centre. Now, he’s the Digital Content Producer for Astral Radio’s boom 97.3 in Toronto. He is also the co-founder and co-host for the radio show turned podcast “This Week in Geek” since 2007.

Steve’s worked with everyone from Leo Laporte, Amber MacArthur, Andy Walker and Alex Albrecht. Now’s he’s teaching at Humber College, producing a new podcast “These Warriors are Terrible” and taking his reignited love for Role Playing Games (RPGs) to Felicia Day’s vlog community “Geek & Sundry” with his show “Professor RPG”.

In each episode of “Professor RPG”, Professor Saylor will use his Humber College honed teaching abilities to teach the wicked fun of RPGs and make it fun for everyone. However, he’s not there quite yet. To be an official part of “Geek & Sundry” Professor Saylor has to pass his exams – and this is where you come in. It’s an online competition filled with votes and community feedback, so we hope you’ll click through and help Steve out!

The competition closes tomorrow, and we want to help him reach his dreams, so we thought we would do a little Q&A with Professor Saylor and help you get to know him and RPGs just a little better!

I figured that if Nat&Marie we’re invited to a D&D party, we gotta be prepared, so this is what we asked Professor Saylor…

1)   Why are you so into RPG? When did you get into RPG?

I got into RPGs about 10 years ago when some friends of mine mentioned I could join in a game of Dungeons and Dragons with them.  I had no idea what I was doing and I was so scared of screwing up and everyone making fun of me that I never really felt comfortable playing with that group of friends.  Not that they were terrible friends, they were just more experienced and very intense players.  I stopped playing for a while and I played off and on for the next few years until I saw a live show at a convention called d20 Live.  It was a 3 hour show where guests at the convention played Dungeons and Dragons.  I enjoyed watching the audience react to everything happening on stage.  They were laughing, shouting, and cheering the whole 3 hours.  Not one person left their seat.  I was so intrigued by that.  It inspired me to get back into RPGs.  So I started recording shows with my friends and I am so happy we did.  It inspires creativity, storytelling, camaraderie, and just having a good time!  That’s why I love RPGs, it gives you so much and more!

Nazism is bad... even in RPG. Keep your fascism out of our rules!

Nazism is bad… even in RPG. Keep your fascism out of our rules!

2)  Can you make anything into an RPG?

In my experience, you can almost turn anything into an RPG.  If you write a story, it can turn into an RPG.  If you create a whole world in your head, you can turn it into an RPG.  As an example, some of the stories we’ve created in this past year have been stories for The Matrix, Star Wars, The Avengers, Judge Dredd, and more.

3) Tell us a time of pure PWNG – epic battle!

Probably my favourite moment of PWNing in an RPG was recently when I ran my own Campaign set in the Matrix Movie.  The players were sent into a building filled with Security Guards and SWAT Team members, and of course in the Matrix movies you have to have an Agent.  At one point, without spoiling anything, a car crashed through the lobby with two players, the other two players were having a gun battle in a small hallway attached to an elevator.   Because of the car crash, it triggered explosive charges on each floor that was disabling each elevator.  One player rolled a significantly high roll that put him into Bullet Time, he not only took out the majority of the guards in the elevator, but was able to dive away from the oncoming explosion and survive!  You have to listen to the episodes to hear what happened next!

4) What’s some commonly used language that originated in RPGs and is used across the web?

Some commonly used languages in RPGs that have been used across the web is basically anything related to World of Warcraft.  It’s the most popular Video Game RPG in the world and a lot of phrases and terms that came from that game are found within the foundation of Tabletop RPGs.

5) Best snack to eat while gaming?

Best snack to eat while gaming?  Usually candy.  It’s small, doesn’t leave a mess and doesn’t make your hands greasy when trying to roll dice, or write on your character sheets.  My favourite is either Big Foots or Green Thumbs….oooh even Jolly Ranchers!  Watermelon only please!

6) Do you think being the professor will bring more people into RPG?

I think being a Professor allows me to summarize things down into a succinct understandable way.  These types of games can be very complex, and being a Teacher can allow me to take the complex and make them simple enough for anyone.  I love that about Teaching, taking the knowledge I have learned and then explain it that’s easy for anyone to pick up and run with.  If anyone can learn from the lessons I’m giving them and make something awesome out of that knowledge, then I did a good job.

7) Are there inside jokes that only people who are into RPGs would get?

Inside jokes?  Don’t split the party.  YOU NEVER SPLIT THE PARTY!  Oh and The Tomb of Horrors will kill you.

Steve’s made it to the next round of the search: Community Feedback. Geek & Sundry are looking to narrow down all the potential vloggers to 30 and are looking for feedback on the videos as well as votes. So if you want to help Professor Saylor teach the world about RPGs and make it fun… I mean… make it’s funner – then please head over and vote for him right now! 

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  1. atubanos

    June 26, 2013 at 11:46 am

    I love you Steve!!!!!

  2. stevesaylor

    June 26, 2013 at 12:01 pm

    Thank you ladies!  This means a lot!

    • Marie

      June 26, 2013 at 2:10 pm

      No problem! Good luck! Also VOTED!

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