Quick n’ Dirty Guide to Fixing Grainy iPhone Pics in Photoshop

There’s inevitably a moment when you’re going to use your front facing camera, or the lighting isn’t all that great, and you ended up with a grainy phone cam pic. Instagram was wicked for covering it up, throw a few filters on top of the noise and it starts to look somewhat… kind of… intentional? But, if you want to use the picture for something legit, like for you blog, then you need to clean it up a bit.

I won’t be able to make your crappy phone pic look like it was taken on a super swish DSLR, but I can help you make it a lot better using Photoshop and a nifty plugin called Neat Image.

Sure there’s ways to reduce the noise within Photoshop, but I’m no pro and Neat Image does a lot of heavy lifting for without many steps – not to say there isn’t more detail oriented advanced features, there are. Just be careful not to go too crazy or else you’ll lose some of the finer details of your image and making it look too processed – which is never good.

Here’s my Before & After Picture

How to fix grainy iPhone pictures

Before. A pic I took for an article I wrote

It’s not a major difference, but it’s just enough to make it look better.

So here’s the dirty:

  1. Download and install the Neat Image app
  2. Restart Photoshop
  3. Load in an image then from the menu bar: Filter > Neat Image > Reduce Noise
    – Neat Image will open with the default “Device Noise Profile”
  4. Click the Auto Profile button, a blue box will pop up and sample a portion of your photo.
  5. Click on “Noise Filter Settings” tab
  6. Click the Preview button to optionally review the effect.
    – Zoom in to 100%
    – Just use the “Noise Reduction Amounts” defaults which is 60% Luminance and 100% Chrominance.
  7. Click Apply.

Note: If you lose some detail, then move the box around in the preview until you get the effect you’re looking for. Also, if you don’t have an area of detail to sample noise from, you can download a set of profiles for your camera model and use the one for the image type and ISO speed.

Bonus: I wanted to warm up the picture so I applied Layer > New Adjustment Layer > Photo Filter, and I applied a warming filter

So that’s it.
Enjoy and good luck!

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