Royal Baby Mania, the good, the bad, and the ugly online reactions

If you were inhabiting any part of the planet earth Monday then you heard the news that the royal baby watch had come to a head! At 4:24 pm, local time Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton gave birth to a little prince. What followed is as sensational as could be anticipated. People were not only celebrating outside of Buckingham Palace and St. Mary’s hospital where the baby was born, but on the internet as well.

This BBC journalist was already over it.

Then there was the truly bizarre

The general reaction among a lot of reddit users is more or less covered in this video.

As with any major public event there were marketing efforts to capitalize on royal baby mania. Some companies decided this was the occasion to give real-time ads a try. [The Atlantic Wire]

Then there were those taking their excitement a step above by planning outfits fit for a royal baby. [E Online]

If you haven’t gotten your royal baby fix yet you can even watch the live stream outside of Lindo Wing. [KSN]

As for the name?  Maybe place your bets on this.



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