Stuff Marie Does: I Joined in reddit’s Recent Gift Exchange!

And it was fun.

I did it at Christmas time as well, I got a Starbucks gift card and some hair clips, but it was this last round that won my heart this time. It was Arbitrary Day, essentially a day to exchange gifts for the heck of it, and I got a…

Wait for it…

I got a Jem t-shirt.

It was truly outrageous. Straight. Up.

reddit’s gift exchanges been around since 2009, a place where people come together to participate in a (somewhat anonymous) gift exchange with others around the world. While I didn’t find a record on Guinness, I suspect it is the world’s largest gift exchange. In 2012, redditgifts matched over 58,457 participants from 128 countries. The value of that was over $1.5 million worth of goodies whipping around the world – including my hair clips and Starbucks card.

random-phone-number-leads-me-to-my-delicious-gift-1372820219-1Arbitrary Day 2013 was a bit more modest, clocking in at 14,489 participants from 91 countries.  I was paired up with a charming lass from Danforth way, who benefitted from her locality to moi. I had arranged for a modest scavenger hunt that included a series of animated gif instructions, a mystery number and the darling ladies at Le Dolci bakery – who not only confected a half dozen of custom cupcakes featuring Grumpy Cat just for my match, they played along when she called – not revealing a thing until my match showed up and saw it was a bakery.

The cupcakes were devoured, and even shared with a redditor who recognized the reddit alien on the subway.

There’s nothing more fun then knowing you’re doing something to spread a little cheer to someone else. I was sad to find out that my SS (short for Secret Santa) was shafted by their match. I offered to send them something, but I never heard back.

If you want to check out the results of the Arbitrary Day redditgifts gift from my match, then click here and here’s my post with more pics of my outrageous Jem shirt. 

Live life… play hard… online AHAHAHA
I’m so effing anti-social!
Loooooove you!



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