The Hot Five: Gaze-Activated clothing, Streetside Charging Stations & Other Cool Stuff Online

A trip around the web isn’t complete without those crazy cool stuff and procrastination aids you won’t find anywhere else. It’s part of what makes the Internet so much fun! So when you need a little something to remind you that the online world isn’t all trolls, petitions and Facebook – we have you covered.

This week, from tumblr to the best 7 seconds we’ve seen on YouTube in a long time. Enjoy!


Screen Shot 2013-06-24 at 2.30.35 PMGIF.
This blog is terrible quality. (tumblr)
Pixellated animated gifs from different tv shows are far too entertaining.
Total time spent procrastinating: 10 minutes


Street Stone

Street Stone (behance)
Photographer, Léo Caillard & retoucher Alexis Persani dress statues like hipsters.
Total time spent procrastinating: 5 minutes


Ghost Mustard!VIDEO.
Who You Gonna Call?
Best 7 seconds of video to make you chuckle
Total time spent procrastinating: 14 seconds + thinking time.


‘Street Charge’ (feel design)
NYC is testing 25 solar powered charging stations for 90 days
Total time spent procrastinating: 3 minutes


(No)where (Now)here (io9) <- coming to Textile Museum of Canada in 2014
Gaze-Activated Dresses by Ying Gao uses eye-tracking to conform to your stare.
Total Time Spent Procrastinating: 2 minutes


Want more? Or have something to share? Use the comments below, tell us and we’ll probably post it.

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