The Hot List – Cool Stuff this week include BRCK, Sushi Cats and Pizza Compass

The Hot5 is our ongoing list of cool stuff. If it’s cool and on the web we’ll cover it.

BRCK Internet AnywhereIf it works in Africa, it’ll work anywhere!
This week, BRCK is really grabbing my attention. This small, rugged, eponymously shaped device is your backup generator to the Internet. The device helps to gain access to an Internet connection when connectivity isn’t 100%, even when there is no electricity. Switching seamlessly between WIFI, Ethernet, 3G and 4G cell phone networks and on an 8hr battery. Developed by a non-profit technology company, Ushahidi and like all cool independent innovation, they’ve turned to Kickstarter campaign to earn enough funds to go to manufacturing. Sadly, the $150 “Early Bird” BRCK funding level is already sold out. Anyone want to lend me $600 for the Savannah Edition?

Zushi CatWhere there are gaps there are Sushi Cats!
What’s wrong with sushi? Not enough kittehz! Until now. Sure, the pictures are totally photoshopped, but aren’t they cute?

You may remember ages ago we included the hyper adorable “Sushi Cat” game in a Hot5 years ago. Well, this isn’t that.

The creative folks at Tange & Nakimushi Peanuts have unleashed a photoseries of cats, posing on beds of rice with crazy accessories (like lobsters and leeks)… this creation could only be called Sushi Cats.

There’s a mobile game app for iPhone and Android, there are photographs, there’s a perplexing (yet adorable) history of Sushi Cats video on YouTube, the online store sells prints and postcards (Japan only).

Pizza LocatorPizza Compass is maybe the most important phone app ever.
There’s really not a lot to explain here. Pizza Compass is an iPhone app that locates the nearest pizza joint.

Pizza Compass is the exciting new life-affirming app that helps pizza get to your mouth, created by Daniel Blackman and Oak Studios.

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