The Hot5 – Jay-Z’s 99 Problems, Magic Countertops and Kittehs!

It’s hotter than balls out there! Toronto finally got summer, and we’re all melting. To keep my mind off of the temperature that is the summer equivalent of a Canadian winter day, I’m surfing the web. Here’s all the crazy cool procrastinations aids that I came across.

This week, from abandoned islands off the coast of Japan to interactive videos of drunk Brits…. we’ve got a killer line up for this week’s Hot5. Enjoy!

Screen Shot 2013-07-15 at 6.00.04 PMGIF.

Mister Purrrrrresident! (reddit)
WATCH OUT! A brave kitteh saves the Purrrrresident of our hearts. MEW!
An Animated GIF with high share-ability and cuteness.
Thank you reddit.
Total time spent procrastinating: 15 awwwwsome seconds




Explore the Google Streetview of 007’s Skyfall Island  (Thrillist)
Hashima Island was once the most densely populated place on Earth, now abandoned and illegal to set foot on… for everyone but Google. Click in.
Total time spent procrastinating: 15 minutes




Dupont’s magic wireless charging countertop (designboom)
Dupont Corian solid surfaces is fake granite that really charges your gadgets
Many colours. Phantom charging power.
Total time spent procrastinating: 1 minute.


Screen Shot 2013-07-15 at 7.12.34 PM


Moones Interactive “Drunk In Session” (uproxx)
Click & watch this UK band get progressively in the bag. Best use of YouTube interactivity.
Total time spent procrastinating: 30 minutes (thanks s’bux slow Internet)




Jay-Z’s 99 Problems Illustrated (Daily What)
“Even world famous rappers have problems”
… I’m guessing cashflow isn’t one of them.
If I went to France I would be a “Tweeta in Paris”… *crickets*
Total Time Spent Procrastinating: 5 minutes


Want more? Or have something to share? Use the comments below, tell us and we’ll probably post it… We’re not entirely picky like that…

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