The VocabLounge. As Close to the MMVAs as I Got.

Every year I make a vow that I’ll walk the red carpet. I’ve had that wish since I was little. Old habits die hard, you know? Of course, every year I get closer to the carpet but never enough to let my plebeian (albeit manicured foot) touch it. This year, something a little special happened, and like most things in my life it began with an email.

Hey Marie!
Did you get this invite?
Let me know if you would like to come!
– Tushar

In a reiteration of past invitations, I had already received and forgotten the main invitation sent to the Nat&Marie joint email account. My days are spent headfirst in the dark and depraved corners of the web looking for inspiration. Invitations often get unintentionally lost in the shuffle. It’s amazing how meaningful a little follow up can be!

Albeit, regardless of the reminder, I thought the lounge was on Sunday and I nearly missed the event entirely. Nat didn’t get the message in time and was en route to celebrate Father’s Day in Newmarket. It’s a miracle I made it at all. All I knew was that this was a gifting suite set up to attract MMVA nominees and celebrities. The more I pondered it, that fact, the more I knew I had to attend.

I made my final approach to the King Blue presentation suite at the corner of King & Peter with Matt and my new friend, Nikola. The door way, flanked by well groomed men smoking cigarettes, looked like a casual magazine ad intended for a hip suite rental company. Even though they didn’t part to allow me to get by, I unforgivingly barged through. No rest for the wicked! Besides, there was a guest list in there with my name on it!

We checked in, and unexpectedly I was gifted a bag. A military inspired Sully Wong Micro Traveler with vegan leather-wrapped handles and ballistic nylon – it was heavy, which meant that what was inside was going to be good. The bag was just my style as well,  no logos, no advertising, just a solid product designed in part by one of our first show guests.

The suite’s main entrence was a prime space for photographes. Flashes snapped as person after person posed with their faces turned 3/4 for the camera in the backlit onyx walkway, etched with the trendiest words. At the end @TheRealDJRomeo was spinning tracks at a level that made conversation just mildly awkward. Retailers were each presenting their wares, hoping to get photographs with their favorite musician or celebrity.

We saw long time Nat&Marie supporter & filmmaker, Matt Campagna. Stella of Chocola Chocola , Dani of Girls of TO and the crew at iSkin. A massive thank you to Chrissy and Vocab Communications, and the hospitality of everyone in the suite! Mary Kay, F*CK Cancer, Walter’s Shoe Care, Popchips and Perrier.

Until next year.


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