This is the Best App for Finding Cheap Drinks at Local Bars.

DrinkOwl is an app that gathers all the different drink specials and uses GPS to find the best priced beer, wine and mixed drinks closest to you. It’s not a group buy website, they don’t host any discounts themselves and there’s no coupons to show, although coupons and events are apparently “coming soon”.  I’ve only just started using it and it’s been pretty handy so far.

You see, it’s the summer and even though there’s still a lot to accomplish to keep N&M rolling, it’s fun to take meetings out somewhere. Even though I have to work, might as well make it a little more fun for all in attendance. However, socializing and meeting up with folks can turn into an expensive proposition. That’s where and the DrinkOwl apps (iPhone/Android) have come in handy.

DrinkOwl quickly loads to make surfing an impressive database of daily drink specials and retail locations like LC’s, Beer and Wine stores really easy. Each deal is subjective to the location it’s from, I don’t personally think  $6 pints is a great deal, nor do I think $100 for bottle service on a Sunday night is either – I don’t really get bottle service when it’s just for kicks. It’s Sunday night, Simpsons True Blood is on. If you’re really that game to get blitzed on a school night, just use the app to locate an LCBO buy a bottle 60-80% cheaper and mainline with friends over take away, or find a killer cheap patio in your neighborhood, there’s tons of $2.50 – $3 drink specials.

Anyway, it’s just a really handy app.

Check out DrinkOwl here

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