Trending: #StormTO #FloodTO…Where’s T.O.???

Seriously, where did Toronto go?

In certain areas of the city today from 5:30 p.m. ET onwards, Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area like Mississauga, Oakville, Etobicoke, Scarborough etc. vanished under some seriously angry rainfall.

We’re talking apocalyptic torrential downpour, where at certain moments when I was driving today it rained SO hard it seemed like I was looking at one of those waterfall walls at spas or hotels…except it was my windshield.

My view right now. Stuck in a parking lot and too scared to drive. Maybe #snowmaggedon decided to arrive as #rainmaggedon? #toronto #rain #blindness #TerrifyingOnlyCauseImDriving

See what I’m talking about?!

And then it got worse. Blackouts all over the GTA, people stranded in their cars on major roads due to flooding, people stranded in the TTC subway stations or GO Trains due to flooding. Blech.

Not surprisingly, photos started popping up all over Instagram and Twitter and the hashtags #StormTO and #FloodTO quickly started trending.

Here are some images from all parts of the city documenting our momentary monsoon. It’s one thing to hear about it or follow it unfolding online. It’ s an entirely other thing to see it.

Thanks to Fragileheart, ItsAllStyleToMe, Jeff_And_Tania, ReenaKudhail and AlexFCA for the Instagram video and shots.

What's the saying? If you can't beat 'em. Join 'em? Here's an instavideo of the rain for you then #ihatemyself

#stormTO #floodTO #toronto #harbourfront

Toronto right now.

My favourite running route has become a swimming route. #stormto

Some unbelievable pics from Twitter as well, specifically around the insanity people on the GO Train have been dealing with.



Aaaand one more pic that’s trending in its own right (under #cityplace) that shows just how foreboding the approaching storm looked from the downtown core. Click to enlarge this one. It’s INSANE.


Feel free to share any other pics you’ve come across on Twitter, Instagram, Vine, FB etc. just in the comments below. We wanna see what else has made you go “Whoaaaaaaa.”

According to reports the worst of it is done for now. But we apparently have rain until Wednesday. So, stay safe everyone!

(Cover photo courtesy of Reena Kudhail. Thx!)

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