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It’s Friday, it’s Friday, and that means the weekend is nigh!

But before we get there, let’s run through some of trends in Internet culture and all things digital that caught our eyes this week. As always, it’s a diverse rundown. But when is it not?


1) Rob Ford: Unleash the Crack-en

Ok that was lame. But I just wanted to make a Kraken joke. And you know, Rob Ford, our eloquent, classy man on top (aka. Mayor of Toronto, one of the biggest cities in North America) has had his reputation tarnished…yet again.

It all started on Thursday May 16 just shy of 8:30 p.m. when Gawker writer John Cook reported he was contacted by TO-based Somalian drug dealers who claimed to have a very “interesting” video. Cook watched the video and described seeing Mayor Ford smoking a crack pipe. Ford also, purportedly, made snark-tastic quips about Justin Trudeau and the “bunch of f*cking minorities” he coached.

Two Toronto Star reporters claimed to have watched the same video.

Only problem, no one else has seen the video. The owners of the video want $200,000 for the footage. Toronto Star and other mainstream media have said “no way jose” to paying that kind of moola (for ethical reasons, obv). But Gawker, oh Gawker. They launched an Indigogo Campaign to raise the money for the alleged Crackstarter tape.

Jimmy Kimmel and Jon Stewart had some fun with this too (Stewart’s video below) cause this ish was trending.

As of this post, the Crackstarter campaign is just over $163K and 4 more days to go. Only problem is, Gawker and Toronto Star have reported their sources have “gone silent.”



2) Enter the Xbox One

Microsoft unveiled the Xbox One on Tuesday May 21. It had been eight years since the launch of the Xbox 360.

Only thing is, many of the gamers didn’t really feel like the updates “did” anything for THEM. However, what Microsoft did do is make its magical machine further accessible to the mainstream consumer by making it an all-in-one. Set for release by end of 2013, Xbox One comes with live TV support, a new Kinect, upgraded specs and a series of new next-generation games. It’s also going to be voice-activated. And always on…which also means it’s always listening. *gulp* Got goosebumps yet?


3) I’ll Tumble for Yahoo, says Mayers

This gyal, Marissa Mayers, is making some bold moves. And we like it. It’s no secret Yahoo! was in need of some serious rejuvenation. Bringing on Mayers as CEO was a solid first step.

This week she confirmed Yahoo!’s acquisition of uber-popular micro-blogging platform Tumblr for a cool $1.1 billion cash.

She may have also been the first CEO to make the major announcement within an animated GIF. How’s that for having your finger on the pulse of what’s hot in Internet culture?

Mayer's animated GIF announcement of Yahoo buying Tumblr

Mayer’s animated GIF announcement of Yahoo buying Tumblr

Ya, we’re down with Mayers. Even if she’s banning people from working from home.


4) Convos with my 2-year-old

Here’s a pilot to a brand new web series that made its debut this week and is already at 1.3 million views. And I mean, how could it not? It’s a man who has re-created his conversations with his 2-year-old daughter, re-enacted by a full-grown man. Let it sink in. Then watch.


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