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My goodness, the things that were trending this week were hilarious, shocking and seriously debate-worthy. But really, when is there a week when Internet Culture doesn’t throw you for a loop in some way?

Here’s what caught our attention this week:


1) The Hero who rescued 3 kidnapped women in Cleveland is Hilarious

This story began unraveling earlier this week and it’s like something out of an intense, and slightly juicy, CSI episode. We’ve written a longer analysis on this unbelievable story in another Nat&Marie post, but in terms of what you need to know: 3 women, who had been missing for a decade were discovered when one of them, Amanda Berry, called out to her neighbour Charles Ramsey (who was enjoying his MacDonald’s hamburger) to help her escape.

Once you heard the uncensored 911 call Ramsey made, as well as the TV interview he did, you just KNEW he would be remixed into an autotune. Like so.

McDonald’s even hopped in on that and congratulated him on his heroism via Twitter.

And the Internet responded with this:


Yes, good Samaritan, you DO deserve a lifetime of BigMacs and fries if you want! But, I wouldn’t want to wish an early death on someone so heroic. Do the right thing.


2) War Torn Syria officially disappears from the Internet! Again!

Umbrella Security Labs (the threat research division of OpenDNS) blogged on Tuesday that Syria’s online activity has “largely dropped off the Internet.”

Overall they were “offline” for almost 20 hours. And this is not the first time it’s happened either. The last major Internet shutdown in Syria was in November 2012. Although according to Google’s Transparency Report, there have been 11 disruptions in internet activity across the globe in 2013. Twice in Syria (a small disruption happening briefly in Jan as well).

Oddly, Syria’s Internet capabilities have been in the news a lot lately, mainly with the pro-Assad Syrian Electronic Army (SEA), a not-so-secretive hacking group that likes to troll Western news agencies’ Twitter accounts and cause all sorts of shenanigans. To date, they have hit The Onion, The Guardian, Associated Press and several others.


3) Spock vs. Spock Audi ad = Explosion of awesome

This one is pretty self-explanatory and it’s mind-blowingly fantastic. Young Spock (Zachary Quinto) vs. Old Spock (Leonard Nimoy). No surprise why this is a trending topic this week. Audi sure knows how to tap into the geek audience between this Star Trek-flavoured ad as well as Tony Stark’s bad-ass Audi ride in Iron Man. And they even managed to weave in some Lord of the Rings. Sheer brilliance.


Speaking of ads that were trending this week, this one of the child abuse billboard that contains a “secret message” not visible to adults definitely made its rounds as well.


4) Leafs ladies LOVE to give cut-eye

So this trending topic’s definitely Toronto-centric, but considering the Maple Leafs being in the playoffs is as rare as seeing Rob Ford NOT putting his foot in his mouth, we thought a trend related to this momentous event deserved mention!


This happened on Wednesday night. But yes this Vine video looks a LOT like April Reimer (bottom left) glaring at Elisha Cuthbert (top right) after her fiancé, Dion Phaneuf, cost the Leafs an overtime game against the Boston Bruins. Boourns.

BUT apparently Mrs.Reimer put a tweet out RIGHT afterwards saying her cut eye was ACTUALLY for the guy next to Cuthbert and the two chiquitas are actually still BFFs, as seen here in the  photo she tweeted.

YOU be the judge!

Vine is making the rounds for trending topics this week, cause this one of Ryan Gosling saying “hells NO” to eating his cereal has been described as the most brilliant use of Vine. EVER.  Thanks RyanWMcHenry and Buzzfeed. We agree.


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