Trending Topics: Mandela’s not dead and Russians show us how to REALLY sell tampons

Lot’s of good stuff from around the world were trending this week. More of a global mix than usual, actually. And I certainly won’t complain about that:) Without further ado, we give you the Trending Topics.


1) Nelson Mandela Twitter Death Hoax

Yep, former South African president Nelson Mandela aka. Madiba, was the latest to fall victim to Twitter’s wonderful way of killing people off in the digital world.

The day he was rushed back to the hospital for a recurring lung infection, a fake Piers Morgan account popped up and tweeted that the national hero had died in his sleep.

But the REAL CNN Piers Morgan soon caught on and called out the imposter!

That’s not the worst part though. After all of that, last Friday, German international broadcaster Deutsche Welle (DW) prematurely published Mandela’s obituary on its English news website, which began spreading across Twitter AGAIN, until the company quickly issued a Tweet saying:

Come ON now. I know news agencies always want to be first to break a story. And the digital medium puts more pressure on. But that’s embarrassing! Tsk tsk


2) Sadly, Twitter is right James Gandolfini really IS Dead

James Gandolfini, 51, perhaps best known for his role as mob boss Tony Soprano from the hit HBO series The Sopranos, really, truly has passed away. Not a Twitter hoax this time.

According to reports, he suffered a heart attack while in Italy.


3) Russell Brand SCHOOLS MSNBC TV hosts

All I gotta say is Russell Brand is my hero of the week.

If you haven’t watched his now infamous interview on MSNBC, you certainly should take a peek.

We already have a fantastic synopsis of this up on our website and you can read more in-depth about it.

But what you really need to know is, MSNBC hosts attempt to interview Russell Brand and then act incredibly awkward, somewhat rude, and THEN the interview takes an amazing turn when he PWNS them with his brilliance.

Just watch:


4) Russian Tampon Ad is the shiz!

The uploader of this video simply wrote: “Your puny western ads don’t work on russian women.”

And after you watch it, it sort of makes sense. North American tampon commercials are often about concealing the fact you’re on your period, hiding your tampon in candy-looking wrapping; all about saving you the embarrassment of having to admit you’re a woman and female sh*t happens to you.

The RUSSIAN ad is all about saving your LIFE. Suuuuriously.


5) Petty Wedding texts turn into to Online War

I’ll admit straight up I hate this story. In fact I think all parties involved in this story are so petty and wrong all around, I’m not even going to go in-depth about it.

It’s about a tacky wedding gift that was ill-received by an ungracious and rude bride. Texts then Facebook messages flew. And then the gift-giver send the story to The Hamilton Spectator to share with the world (again, tacky).

People why did you love this story? Why couldn’t you stop talking about it? Why did you make it trend, making us have to include it. Arrgghhh!

Why do I suddenly have a craving for a fluffer-nutter sandwich? Have a great weekend everyone!

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