Trending Topics: PRISM, Hillary Clinton on Twitter and Angry Dunkin’ Donuts Lady

Hola! As always, the week brings a bossload of interesting and random stories trending online, and here’s our roundup of the best in Internet Culture this week.

1) The NSA is spying on America and it’s called PRISM

It’s like Enemy of the State, but IRL. Seriously, this is the story that has been unraveling the past week, and it’s kind of mind-blowing. The stuff that Hollywood movies are made of. Expect, it’s not.

A 29-year-old NSA whistleblower named Edward Snowden leaked a 41-page powerpoint to The Guardian outlining a pretty creepy program called

, that enables the NSA to track all your phone calls, emails and other online activities (via sites run by Yahoo, Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Skype etc.), whenever they want to. THEY (the NSA) say it’s entirely to investigate and spy on any potential foreign threats. In fact, with what has been revealed so far, it seems that Non-US Nationals are targeted along with US citizens and an NSA analyst only has to be 51 per cent confident that a subject is “foreign.” That sounds like science to me, folks.

Perhaps the saddest part so far is that President Baarack Obama has been asked directly about this matter. And for a guy who ran his last campaign on the platform he wants to run the most transparent administration to date, he says “You can’t have 100-percent security and then have 100-percent privacy.”



2) ‘Hair Icon’ Hillary Clinton joins Twitter

One of the most powerful women in the United States, as well as the 5th most powerful femme in the WORLD according to Forbes, has finally made her debut on Twitter. Former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton made headlines on Monday when her Twitter account went from drab to fab with a fully-fleshed bio and a meme-worthy profile pic. As of 3:00 p.m. today she had over 438K followers. Reactions are mixed though. Some see it as an opportunity to better hold her accountable. Others see it as a strategic play. And others are simply saying who the frack cares. Either way, it’s hard to ignore that “Hillz” of Texts from Hillary fame has tweeted. And now we wait with bated breath to see what’s next.

Here’s her first tweet (rather cleverly thanking the creators behind the Texts from Hillary meme):

Awe look, she knows how to post selfies too!
3) Angry lady reams out Dunkin’ Donuts Employee because of a…receipt?

The title pretty much says it all. But it’s really cringe-worthy when you watch the video.

Sure, we’re in a time where people have no issues with publicly shaming someone who has wronged them (like this girl who sent an uninvited photo of some guy’s junk…to his mother!). But, when you’re the person who is seemingly overreacting…kinda makes it worse, no?


4) Tech world goes KABOOM with Apple’s WWDC and highlights from E3

This week was a BIG week for consumer technology — both WWDC and E3 had conferences and all the big players were out flaunting their new wares, namely Apple’s big announcements and a new installment in the gaming console wars from Microsoft and Sony.

Really all I can say is listen to our podcast this week cause we really dig into it.

But in short, Apple is releasing some new operating systems for its desktops as well as its iPhone that has all the fanboys going bananas. And revealed a sexy new design for its Mac Pro.

XBOX One is still Big Brother with its always seeing and hearing technology, but their gaming now has livestreaming and SmartGlass integration, which is cool. The pricetag: $499.

SONY finally revealed its new PS4 machine, and one-upped Microsoft but putting zero used game restrictions or online connection necessary, as well as a lower pricetag of $399, set to be released around the holidays.


5) Most adorable Father-Baby Beatles Duet of LIFE

Yup, it’s gone viral and onto trending topics. Internet Culture at its best. Maybe could’ve been topped if there was a cat somehow involved. But really doubt it!

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