Trending Topics: Rapping Bridesmaids and the Return of #Egypt

Ch-ch-ch-check it out! Here’s a quick wrap up of some of the trending topics that caught our attention this week.

1) #Egypt’s incredibly transparent and SOCIAL Not-a-Coup

We’ll try not to get  too political here but we definitely got a reminiscent dose of Arab Spring 2011 this week when #Egypt was trending all over Twitter again. On July 3 we saw Egypt’s first democratically elected president, Muslim Brotherhood candidate Mohamed Morsi, get ousted from office by the Egyptian army. They suspended the constitution and appointed the Chief Justice as interim head of state until the next democratic elections could be held.

Much of the rhetoric in Western Media revolved around whether this “Coup” was actually, truly a coup considering a large number of the Egyptian people WANTED Morsi out. And they were just jubilant when the army did the bidding of the people.

In fact, if you see the number of selfies that came out of Tahrir Square around the ousting, you can’t argue that those are some happy faces (thanks Buzzfeed). Given, we’re assuming all of these came from the protesters rather than the Morsi supporters.

The Economist brought out an interesting point though, where it didn’t focus so much on whether this was a coup or not, but what precedent this set in the region and how it could cause further tensions (as if the Middle East NEEDED any more reason to be divisive!): It sets a dreadful precedent for the region, in that it encourages discontented people to get rid of their leaders by disrupting their rule, not by voting them out, and it encourages Islamists to distrust democracy. The army can mitigate the situation by holding elections swiftly and cleanly, but much damage has already been done.

Reem gave us an in-depth breakdown of how #Egypt unfolded this week.


2) Lil’ Sis the Rapping Bridesmaid

Pretty self-explanatory but definitely a video that made the ROUNDS. Basically a bride’s younger sister decided to get all creative and rap her speech in the style of Eminem.


3) Would you want the Real-life Barbie?

Seriously though, I’ve been debating this ever since I saw this pop up. I know we’re told a majority of women are severely affected by what media tells us we should be and look like and Barbie plays a role in that. But I honestly can say I never had a day where I played with my Barbie and wished beyond anything in the world that I looked like that.

This real-life Barbie by artist Nickolay Lamm wouldn’t have really made a difference to Past Nat per say, but I wonder whether it’s something a lot of people think would make a big difference for a young girl’s formative years.

I would’ve still loved dressing her up. And I love her booty, like seriously!

Barbie 3


4) Craiglist Sugar Daddy to the Rescue!

This was my favourite trending item this week by far. I love how weird/creepy/awesome postings on Craigslist have become such an embedded part of Internet Culture in terms of function but ALSO entertainment.

This man, Manny, is offering “A Great Live in Opportunity to Sexy Young College type” in Hollywood. He’ll help you create a life of financial freedom so you can become a bodybuilder like him and hang out with celeb friends like “The Rock”.

My favourite line: “You can continue on just surviving on delusional hopes with untested boys or you can… Move Forward with your life by a proven and tested Man”

Just in case you needed some more incentive, here are some selfies and bulging muscles. Mamma Mia!

Manny 1


Manny 2

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