Who wants a 3D printer that prints make up?

Grace Choi is an entrepreneur who has invented Mink, a printer that will revolutionize how consumers buy print make up – buy 3D printing it themselves

The device she demonstrated at  TechCrunch Disrupt was a device similar to a printer that can colour an output that resembles a disk of make up that you would purchase at a shop. With a quick swipe of a brush Choi showed that the product was indeed make up.


A product like this could disrupt the beauty industry which is currently a $55 Billion dollar industry that relies on high end retailers and a supply chain that doesn’t always supply consumers with the range of colours that they need. As an aside, foundations are particularly painful, if you aren’t an exact shade of caucasian – a 3D printer that produces make up wouldput the power into the hands of consumers to create the make palette they want and need.

The demonstration was limited to an eye shadow, but it poses an interesting concept of the future of consumerism. How much we will actually be able to purchase in store, rather than simply download and print at our own convenience at home. Retailers like Sephora could save on shipping costs by providing products available exclusively on the net for people around the world. Young budding make up moguls could create their own lines of make up and share amongst friends, or simply it would save time.

Grace Choi and Mink is a cool product that isn’t a Kickstarter but you can sign up to get information first on its release which is allegedly later this year.

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