What Is Internet Culture?

"Internet As Cable" Luca Vanzella; Flickr

Credit: Luca Vanzella Flickr

What exactly is Internet Culture?

The world is so used to thinking of the Internet as “Tech” but we classify it as “a society mediated by computer screens”.  Internet Culture really isn’t so hard to define if you understand that we breed a unique culture online amongst those of us who are connected to the Internet. In this digital space we’ve created social constructs that are influenced by information sharing, creation and freedom of thought.

The Internet isn’t one giant monolithic society, but it’s made up of many online communities. You’re probably apart of Facebook or maybe you subscribe to a particular subreddit; you probably know how YouTube works on your phone, you have an idea of how to behave online and I bet you know what a troll is. All of this comes together to define the cyberculture we consider inherit to the Internet.

When we started Nat&Marie, we were looking at online pop culture. Then there was a shift.  We started to get caught up in how citizen journalism was reshaping our access to news, the fight for net neutrality, digital vigilantism and the right to anonymity. The web wasn’t just a fun place to chill with your friends, it was now a virtual territory with some pretty serious politics coming into play.

What made all of this of interest to us was how deeply connected to our identities the online is. The rise of all this social phenomena and our crazy relationship with the devices we use to connect to the Internet is synonymous with our sense of belonging and a strange sense of security.

At the same time, it’s all incredibly new. Online communities, digital entertainment, gaming, use of social media, how we spread and share news, entertainment, we’re kind of just learning on the fly and that not only makes Internet Culture diverse but also kind of fragile.

So Nat&Marie explore Internet Culture, the news, the entertainment and all the other bits that make up our ever evolving society online.


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  1. tommichen7

    March 18, 2015 at 4:23 am

    This brief description of internet culture was more telling that what I just read on Wikipedia and others after I googled the subject.  Gives me another angle to consider the subject I’m writing a blog on.  Happy I stumbled on this.

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