Will it go Viral? First Kiss – Canine Edition

At this point I’m sure we’re all familiar with that “ooooh! It’s so amazing and artsy! It got me in the feels!” First Kiss video that has been trending all week (clearly I’m of the minority that wasn’t THAT moved by it…especially that girl in the striped body suit…please, as if that wasn’t over acted).

You know the video I’m talking about, the one that was revealed, the next day, as actually being an ad for L.A. fashion brand Wren’s 2014 fall collection.

Well, as anticipated, people have been creating their own parodies of it (have you the seen the First Hand Job version?). This one, that was released today by Mother London (a creative shop in the UK), takes a very…furry take on it. 🙂

Currently at 63K views and counting, here’s “First Sniff”. Do you think this has what it takes to break 1 million go viral by end of week?

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