Will it Go Viral? Walk off the Earth gives VW some love

Remember when that talented group of five musicians, Walk Off the Earth, took Gotye’s “Somebody That I Used to Know” and did a magical cover of wizardly proportions using only ONE guitar?

You know the video I’m talking about. The viral hit that now has over 154 million views on YouTube and likely played a large role in helping the band achieve successes like performing alongside Lady Gaga, Arcade Fire and Eminem at the YouTube Music Awards on November 3 😀

Well, these Canadian bad asses are BACK, and this time they’ve done a pretty entertaining collaboration with Volkswagen.

And by entertaining, I mean an original catchy tune, “Gang of Rhythm” and a fully-interactive music video that you can toggle between based on the mood you’re in.

No seriously, you can hear the same song in Playful, Soulful and Powerful, whilst the video features three different settings and, of course, three different Volkswagen Beetle models.

Very curious to see what the comments and coverage will look like around this new collaboration.

And of course, whether this video will reach the same epically viral proportions as that song you used to know.

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