Will It Go Viral? 10 Bets You Will NEVER lose!

10 bets you will never lose. Courtesy of Richard Wiseman of Quirkology. Screw your friends out of cash, lose friendships, confuse drunk people and gain glory as the ultimate victor… that is until you go head to head with another person who saw this video and then it’s a race to figure out which one of your forgot the outcome of one and loses.


And you two stop being friends and you go home alone, again.

But, is this video winning enough to go viral!?

The moment I realized I had forced all my friends to watch AfroSquad, I knew that talking about Internet culture was where I was meant to be. Between reddit, Nat&Marie and eating junk food, there's just enough time for my personal blog Karmacake.com. That is all. That is it. Oh. Instagram: Karmacake

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