Will It Go Viral? Improv Everywhere’s Time Travel Prank with 1860’s Bar

Improv Everywhere surprised random people by turning back the clock 150 years at a local bar, completely transforming it into 1860s New York. The whole project was a collaboration with the BBC America series Copper. So… I guess Copper is a pithy historical crime drama… I don’t have cable so… I probably won’t be watching it unless it’s on Netflix.

I digress, somehow they had accomplices who invited their unsuspecting friends to the Black Rabbit Bar in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. When folks turned up, to the quaint candle & kerosene lamp lit bar, they discovered that the beer cost pennies, the music was a live brass band and employees were all actors in period dress… I particularly liked the girls who wanted to show how they “treat strangers”.


It’s impossible to turn away because you’re not sure what will happen next. Which makes it charming and unexpected, but, will it go viral?

Tell us in the comments below!

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