Will it Go Viral? Rob Ford’s Crackstarter Tape…or is it?

Alright so we’ve all heard about Toronto Mayor Rob Ford’s alleged crack tape, right?

If we haven’t, we have a good synopsis of the points you need to know over here.

But in short, a couple of news agencies (Gawker and Toronto Star) released some scandalous reports talking about how they were privy to seeing a video that showed Mayor Ford hanging out with some drug dealers and smoking a crackpipe.

Gawker started an Indigogo campaign, dubbed Crackstarter, that reached its goal of raising $200,000 to pay the dealers for the video.

But then the dealers mysteriously disappeared. And we haven’t heard about the Crackstarter video since then…until now.

An organisation called Ex Post Facto Productions released a video yesterday claiming to be Rob Ford’s Crackstarter video.



Once you start watching it, it quickly becomes obvious that it’s SO NOT THE VIDEO. BUT, it kind of makes me wish it was. If the real video had Mayor Ford fueled by Kylie Minogue and have fantasies of grandeur (in this most Hollywood Monster way), people may just be forgiving enough to let his mishap pass?

Ok, realistically they won’t. The guy’s got too many haters. BUT it might convince ME to like him a teeny tiny bit better knowing he loves The Minogue 🙂

Also, Ex Post Facto is Latin for “done, made, or formulated after the fact.” Well played.

It’s currently stuck at 301+ on YouTube, which means it’s numbers are definitely racking up! Biggest question now, will it surpass 1 million in 24 hours??

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