Worth Watching: 12-year old Metal Heads Tell Their Story

If you love 12 year old metal heads who write songs about things they admittedly know nothing of, but they kill it like they were 30 year olds who have a dream then “Unlocking the Truth: Malcome Brickhouse and Jarad Dawkins” is a particularly great video just for you to watch.

Basically, it’s two hipster-huggable, 12 year olds, who’ve been friends since they were 4 and they love playing metal, so they have a band called “Unlocking the Truth” AND they have some killer wisdom, such as:

I know it is a little grown up but we just still do it, because it’s what we like to do.


I don’t like doing the same thing that everybody else is doing. I want to do my own thing

No bigs.

Shred that axe.

They still get their moms to pick their fro for them. And, on their imaginary tour, they play after Slipknot. This is the kind of awesome we all need. Just do what you like to do!

The series was produced by The Avant Guard Diaries an online magazine initiated by Mercedes-Benz in 2011. It’s basically a website filled with interesting stories and some related offline events.

If you want more, check out their “America’s Got Talent” Audition video, complete with Argyle Sweaters and Bassist! You go, Glen Coco!!

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